Pad Player


Infinite looping dynamic drone pad player with realtime expression.



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Get dynamic, infinite looping drone pads with real-time expression, directly in Ableton Live. No more static 20 minute WAV files. No more managing huge file sizes. Pad Player includes 5 ambient drone pad sounds that will fit any song. Trigger pre-programmed MIDI clips in all 12 keys from a MIDI Controller, or directly in Live. Add realtime expression with the filter, and motion. Smoothly fade between sounds, keys, and adjust the fade time directly from the Pad Player. Instantly add 3rds, 5ths, and octaves to your sound. With the Pad Player you can fill out your sound easily without sacrificing flexibility and dynamics.


  • Includes 5 different flexible Pad Sounds
  • Pre Programmed Instrument Rack in an Ableton Live 10 Set
  • Ableton Live Set with 12 clips and Stop Clip Pre-Programmed
  • Transform Sounds in Realtime
  • Adjust Filter, Motion Time, Motion Amount in Realtime
  • Instantly add 3rds, 5ths, and Octave to every Pad, in Realtime

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