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Get access to a community of like minded performers.

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Get access to a monthly community webinar. Get all your Ableton questions answered.

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Learn Ableton Live with a focus on live performance.

Beyond YouTube

Learn techniques tested and proven on stages across the world by an Ableton Live Certified Trainer.

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Follow along with the lesson using the source files used to create the lesson.

What Others are Saying...

About Will

Will Doggett is a musician, sound designer, and Ableton Live Certified Trainer. He is focused on helping people get from the studio to the stage and has spent years using Ableton Live with bands on stage. His focus has been on how to integrate Live with a band for backing tracks, keys sounds, and controlling lights, lyrics and video.

He’s been teaching others how to integrate Ableton into their setups since 2008 and has served as a Music Director, Creative Director and the Director of the Production Track at Ocean’s Edge School of Worship. He’s passionate about making complex things simple, and showing musicians how to integrate Live into their workflows

What we Believe

Our Manifesto

You are in Control

You play with the tracks, not to the tracks. It's a big difference. If you want to repeat a verse, skip to the bridge, change the key, tempo-you can. You're in charge-not the tracks.

It Should be Simple

Using Ableton Live shouldn't be difficult. With years of teaching and training, we feel like we've cracked the code on the things you need to know-to get going. Even the complex-can be simple.

Not just for DJs

Ableton Live will enhance your sound no matter the style of music. From folk to heavy metal, and everything in between, Ableton Live can enhance your sound-without making you conform to a style of music.

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