Personalized One on One Coaching with Will

One on One Remote training with Will Doggett. Customized to answer your questions and find the time that works for you. Get a full recording of your session afterwards. Discounted Rates are available for From Studio to Stage students. Log-in to view the discounted rate on this page or become a student to get access.

NEW! 5-Minute On-Demand Coaching Call

Get your question answered within 48hours, without having to schedule and book a Zoom call!

After you purchase an On-Demand session, you can record a video, share your screen, or upload a video to ask a question.

You’ll get up to 5-minutes to record your question (really enough time to ask one good solid question, explain your situation, and share your details).

Get a custom recorded response back to you within 48hours. 

It’s kinda like a Cameo, but instead of washed-up celebs, it’s an Ableton Live Certified Trainer!

15-minute One on One Session

One Hour One on One Session