When Your Show Has To Be a Success

Direct Support is bespoke Ableton Live service and support that ensures your show is a success.  

Hear David’s Experience

Hear David’s Experience

When David was faced with playing drums and being responsible for Playback, he knew he needed to step up his game. To level up, and make sure the tour was a success, David gave us a call. Hear how we were there to ensure the 2024 Tear Off The Roof Tour was a success, and David was the hero.


Leveling Up

Hear how we can help take your career to the next level.


Unlimited Support, Always On Call

Hear how our Unlimited, 24/7 support allowed David to focus on what really matters-the music.


For The Touring Pro

Hear how we can ensure your show is a success.

If Your Show Has to Be a Success

We work with an extremely limited number of clients each year, to make sure we can provide one of a kind, world class service and support. If your show and tour has to be a success, and you want a shortcut to success, get in touch. We’ll see it’s a good fit, and explain how we can help.

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