By Will Doggett

Today we’re launching our very first course, “Using the IAC Driver with Ableton Live“. This course is all about expanding Live’s default functionality with a free utility available on every Mac. (Not using a mac, you can use a PC alternative and still follow along).

“In this course you’ll learn how to setup the IAC Driver on a Mac computer and use it with Ableton Live. You’ll learn the 3 types of mappings that are possible with the IAC Driver, and learn 7 different ways to use the IAC Driver with Ableton Live.”

The Course consist of 14 lessons and includes sources files, so you can follow along during the training. 

Wish you could repeat a song section and not be tied to a 1 measure decision? 

Wish you could press one button and fade in and out your track audio? 

Wish you could pre-program a song section to loop?

Learn to do all this and more in the Using the IAC Driver with Ableton Live course! Start a 7 day free trial to get access to this course immediately.

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