Brand New Ableton Live Update

With Ableton’s newest update
they’ve added some killer features for arrangement view, and for Intro users.

By Will Doggett

You probably didn’t know that Ableton just released a new update for Live 10 (10.0.3) , but if you use Ableton Intro or run tracks in arrangement view-you need to know about two new features included in this update! 

Create Fades Across Multiple Clips

This is HUGE! Previously you couldn’t create fades on more than one clip at a time. That’s a big reason I use the Utility device so that I can fade out one set of group tracks and fade in another without having to manual add fades to each set of clips. Now-it’s as simple as selecting a range of time, across various clips, and using the new ‘Create Fade Out” command 

ALT+CMD+F (Mac) / ALT+ CTRL+F (PC). 

If you want to create a crossfade between two songs, you can drag your clips together, select an amount of time and use the same keyboard shortcut to create a crossfade between your two songs. This is a HUGE timesaver!

Complex and Complex Pro now included in Intro

Okay Intro users…if you’re running tracks, this one is big. The way Live handles audio is through something called “warping”. It allows you to quickly change the tempo and key of any audio. If you’re dealing with full songs or stems Complex or Complex Pro (when changing key) are the best warp modes. Unfortunately Intro hasn’t had those modes available-so you’ve had to use tones. With 10.0.3- Intro users, you now have access to Complex and Complex Pro available to you. This is a massive addition if you’re working with fully songs. 

PS: Intro users you can now also run up to 8 I/O channels as opposed to 4 previously 👍


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