Understanding MultiTracks.com File Types

Buying content from MultiTracks? Learn what formats they offer and what format is best to use in Ableton Live.

There are more resources and tools available for worship leaders leading worship with tracks than ever before. But with all those resources available, it can be overwhelming to find exactly what you’re looking for.

In this new series, we’re diving deep into Loop Community, MultiTracks, and Praise Charts, to figure out exactly what resources they offer, and what’s best to use on stage for running tracks.

In this video, we take a deep into the resources and file types/formats available for purchase at MultiTracks.com

Pt: 1 Understanding Loop Community File Types:

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Where to Get MultiTracks for Worship:

Formatting MultiTracks.com stems in Ableton Live

Formatting Loop Community stems in Ableton Live

Formatting stems and multitracks from Praise Charts in Ableton Live

Formatting stems and multitracks from Life Church in Ableton Live

How to Build a Worship Set of Multiple Songs in Ableton Live

Building a Worship Set pt. 2: Focus on Transitions/Adding Drone Pads

Building a Worship Set pt. 3: Advanced Tips and Tricks

Building a Worship Set pt. 4: Using our Set Live

Building a Worship Set pt: 5: How to be Spontaneous with Tracks in Ableton Live

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