How to Build a Worship Set of Multiple Songs in Ableton Live

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Want to build a worship set of multiple songs in Ableton Live? You need a proven process and framework that allows for flexibility, stability, and is efficient.

In this video, I show you how to quickly build an Ableton Live set using my 3-Part Framework for using tracks that is used on stages and in churches across the world.

As an Ableton Live Certified Trainer, I’ve been teaching this process to worship leaders, musicians, and music directors since 2004.

What is the 3-Part Framework for Using Tracks?

1) Create a Template:

2) Format all your songs using your template:
-Where To Get MultiTracks for Worship
-Formatting stems in Ableton Live
-Formatting Loop Community stems in Ableton Live
-Formatting stems and multitracks from Praise Charts in Ableton Live
-Formatting stems and multitracks from Life Church in Ableton Live

3) Use your template to build a set of your formatted songs

How I Route Audio in Ableton Live

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