Building a Worship Set pt: 5: How to be Spontaneous with Tracks in Ableton Live

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In the final video of this 5-part series, I’m continuing the discussion on how to build a worship set of multiple songs in Ableton Live. In this video, we’re discussing how to be Spontaneous with tracks in Ableton Live.

You’ll also learn how to create a flow or looping transition at the end of your song.

Download the Free Tracks Template:

1) Create a Template:

2) Format all your songs using your template:
-Where To Get MultiTracks for Worship

-Formatting stems in Ableton Live

-Formatting Loop Community stems in Ableton Live

-Formatting stems and multitracks from Praise Charts in Ableton Live

-Formatting stems and multitracks from Life Church in Ableton Live

3) Use your template to build a set of your formatted songs
Pt.1: Building a Worship Set in Ableton Live:

Pt. 2: Building a Worship Set pt. 2: Focus on Transitions/Adding Drone Pads

Pt. 3: Building a Worship Set pt. 3: Advanced Tips and Tricks

Pt. 4: Building a Worship Set pt. 4: Using our Set Live

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