Building a Worship Set pt. 2: Focus on Transitions/Adding Drone Pads

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In part 2 of this 5-part series, I’m continuing the discussion on how to build a worship set of multiple songs in Ableton Live. In this video, we’re discussing how to create great transitions in Ableton Live and how to add drone pads into our set.

In addition, I show you how to use my Pad Player instrument in your set for even better transitions.

Download the Free Tracks Template:

Download free Pads:

Download Pad Player:

1) Create a Template:

2) Format all your songs using your template:

-Where To Get MultiTracks for Worship

-Formatting stems in Ableton Live

-Formatting Loop Community stems in Ableton Live

-Formatting stems and multitracks from Praise Charts in Ableton Live

-Formatting stems and multitracks from Life Church in Ableton Live

3) Use your template to build a set of your formatted songs
Check out Pt.1: Building a Worship Set in Ableton Live:

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