How To Use a Stop Track and MIDI Controller at the Same Time

Are you using tracks in Ableton Live? Using a Stop Track is one of the best hacks that allows you to automatically stop Ableton Live wherever you put your stop clip. But how can you use your MIDI Controller at the same time? If you try mapping your clip and then mapping your MIDI controller it won’t work.

In this video, Ableton Live Certified Trainer Will Doggett shows you how you can stop Ableton Live automatically using a Stop Track and how to use your MIDI Controller to stop Ableton Live.

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One of the biggest benefits of running tracks in Arrangement View is the ability to create seamless transitions between songs. But what do you do if you want to stop between songs? Stop pressing spacebar, and use a “stop track” instead! In this tutorial, Ableton Live Certified Trainer Will Doggett shows you how to use the IAC Driver to create a stop track so that Live automatically stops wherever your clip is placed. Plus-you’ll learn how to stop your song with your MIDI controller-while using a stop clip!


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