How to MIDI Map Locators in Ableton Live

MIDI mapping locators in Ableton Live allows you to select and navigate to specific songs in your Ableton Live set from a MIDI Controller. You can even easily repeat a section of a song at any time from your MIDI Controller.

If you’re using Ableton Live on stage for backing tracks, you should be using your MIDI Controller and mapping to specific locators in Ableton Live. This allows for ultimate freedom and flexibility with your set.

Download my free tracks template for Ableton Live:
What is the 3-Part Framework for Using Tracks?

1) Create a Template:

2) Format all your songs using your template:

3) Use your template to build a set of your formatted songs
How to build an Ableton Live Set with multiple songs
Advanced Tips and Tricks for Building a Set in Ableton Live with Multiple Songs

Take the Tracks 201 Course:

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MIDI Mapping for Live Performance

Using your MIDI Controller with Ableton Live:

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