Formatting Stems and MulitiTracks for Live Performance

One of the biggest mistakes I see Playback Techs make, is they manage stems, not sets. If you want maximum freedom and flexibility when using tracks, and you want to build sets efficiently, you’ve got to manage Sets not Stems.

In this week’s tutorial, Ableton Live Certified Trainer, Will Doggett walks you through part 2 of the 3-Part Framework for Using Tracks and shows you how to use the free tracks template to format all your stems and Multitracks for live performance.

With about 5 minutes of work, you’ll save hours of effort and have maximum freedom and flexibility.

Download the free tracks template

Purchase the Advanced Tracks Template

Foundations for Live Preview

Purchase Foundations for Live

Managing Track Volumes for Live Performance

Saving your Tempo in Ableton Live’s Arrangement View

How to Save Song Sections in Ableton Live

Warping in Ableton Live

Using Sends and Returns in Ableton Live

Creating an Ableton Live Template for Live Performance

Formatting Songs
Formatting Loop Community Songs (Tutorial Coming Soon!)
Formatting Praise Charts Songs (Tutorial Coming Soon!)

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