Using Pads in Arrangement View

Want to use a drone pad to help with transitions? Learn how to easily transition between songs and keys in Arrangement View using drone pads.

 Using a drone pad is a great way to add ambience to a track. When I’m producing a song, I add some sort of looping drone pad in almost every song. When you’re on stage-using a drone pad can be a great way to help transition between songs or make awkward key changes, a little less awkward. Using a drone pad behind a piano can suddenly transform a moment and take it to another level.

For years I’ve seen people struggle with how to implement this in a live scenario when they’re running tracks in Arrangement View. They either use another device running pads, come up with crazy plans to trigger clips in session view while their tracks are playing, or worse yet run drone pads from MainStage !!! :) There’s a much better way my friends.

Using a drum rack, a reverb, and a few programming tricks, you can create a flexible and powerful solution for playing audio drone pads in Arrangement View. Use it to fill out space, help with transitions, or use it as a way to navigate those trick key changes-again… all within arrangement view. You can even setup a small 25 key controller to be your “pad trigger” and keep your MIDI controller dedicated to playing keys.


Because I know you’ll ask: If you’re looking for great pad sounds, check out the drone pads available from my friends at MultiTracks. There’s no better place to find pads then there. 

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