Controlling ProPresenter with Ableton Live

Learn how to use Ableton Live to control ProPresenter using MIDI cues so your lyrics are perfectly in sync, every time!

Download the free cues used in the video here:

How incredible would it be if your lyrics for your songs were perfectly in sync every time? What if you could do the work once, and have your ProPresenter cues happen perfectly every time you play the song? Imagine being able to jump anywhere in your song, and the lyrics follow. All of that and more is possible when you use the MIDI Module for ProPresenter and Ableton Live. Using the free MIDI cues I’ve created you’ll save you hours of time, and you can quickly program your songs in Ableton, and have perfect lyrics-every time.

If you aren’t familiar with ProPresenter it’s a lyric projection software (think Keynote +) that is commonly used by churches to show lyrics during worship services. Using the MIDI Module allows anyone small church, big church, cover band to have lyrics that are perfectly in sync.

It’s been 6 years since I did my original video for ProPresenter 5. Since that original video, I’ve released countless other ProPresenter and Ableton tutorials that have been viewed over 200,000 times. The free ProPresenter 5 file I created has been downloaded over 15,000 times. I’ve taught at conferences across the globe and trained churches worldwide on how to improve the freedom, flexibility and production quality of their services using this technique. This video is a brand new look at the entire process in ProPresenter 6.

What you Need:

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