Connecting two Macs via ethernet and Network MIDI

Imagine being able to connect your tracks machine with another machine and send MIDI using only an ethernet cable. In this video Ableton Live Certified Trainer Will Doggett shows you how to use the Network MIDI settings built-in to every Mac to make this happen!

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With the Mac you already have-and an ethernet cable, you can connect to any other Mac computer to send MIDI between machines. This is an incredibly easy way to create a connected stage, so that your tracks and keys are perfectly in sync or your lights and video are triggered perfectly in time.

Included for free with every Mac is the ability to create an RTP/Network MIDI connection with another machine. You can find it in the audio/midi setup of your computer. This allows you to connect to another machine using only an ethernet cable, or multiple machines using an ethernet cable and a hub.

In case you’re interested in sending MIDI between a Mac and PC, check out this RTP MIDI solution for your PC RTPMIDI.

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