Welcome to the site! I'm glad you're apart of the community! Included in your subscription is hours of training content, a supportive community that wants to help you succeed, and lots, lots more. But, starting something new can feel overwhelming, especially when there are tons of options. What course do you start with? What do you do next? 

If thats how you're feeling, that's okay, that's what this page is for!

You can browse all the available courses at anytime using the course page (you also always have access using the link in the header). But, here's a few suggestions to help you get started.



New to Ableton Live, or new to using it on stage? Start with this course to get a quick walkthrough of the entire interface:

Navigating and Understanding Live

Warping is one of the most mis-understood features of Ableton Live. But warping audio allows you to change the key and tempo of your audio, sync to Live's grid and click. To learn how to warp, and to fully understand how Live treats audio, check out this course:

Warping-Understanding How Live Treats Audio

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Want to use Ableton Live for clicks and backing tracks? Start with this course, it introduces you to the 3-part framework for using tracks. We'll reference this framework throughout all our "playback" courses and it is the framework we use for all our playback content:

3-part Framework for Using Tracks

If you're new to tracks, start with this course, you'll be up and running in less than 30 minutes:

Tracks 101: Using Tracks in Ableton Live quickstart

If you've been using tracks for a while and looking for more advanced content, check out this course:

Using the IAC Driver with Ableton Live

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Looking to use Ableton Live for keys sounds Live? Check out this course:

Using Ableton Live for Keys

Browse the rest of our "Keys" content using our Keys path:

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Learn how to control almost anything with Ableton Live:

Ableton Live Control Types

Learn how to connect Ableton to almost anything:

Making the Connection

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