Subtle Textures Volume 1


5 subtle drone pads, that provide perfect ambience for any moment.



5 subtle drone pads, that can provide the perfect background ambience for any moment. Easily load all 5 sounds into the Pad Player instrument (required) to expand your library of drone pads. Each pad loops infinitely, with low CPU usage and can morph in real-time (requires the Pad Player instrument).


-Includes 5 subtle drone pad expansions for the Pad Player instrument
-Requires the Pad Player download in order to use.
-Infinite looping expressive pads (requires Pad Player).
-Easily add sounds to the Pad Player instrument.
-Transform Sounds in Realtime (requires Pad Player).
-Adjust Filter, Motion Time, Motion Amount in realtime (requires Pad Player).
-Instantly add 3rds, 5ths, and Octave to every Pad, in realtime (requires Pad Player).


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