ProPresenter 7 MIDI Cues


Perfect lyrics, every time with Ableton Live.



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Sync up your lyrics in ProPresenter 7 with your tracks in Ableton Live. Control your ProPresenter presentation and pre-program your lyrics so they’re perfect, every time. This cues file will save you hours of programming. Load your cues directly from Ableton Live’s browser onto the timeline. Create the perfect transition at the perfect time and do the work once. Plus, this template includes all 127 cues. No more trying to squeeze your entire song into 30 cues or less!


  • NEW! Updated to include the new Clear Announcements Trigger for ProPresenter 7.9 and  Trigger Macro cue for ProPresenter 7.6
  • Compatible with Live 10.1 and higher.
  • Full MIDI Cues from 1-127.
  • MIDI cues for every command in ProPresenter 7.
  • Pre-mapped to work with ProPresenter 7.

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