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Custom Ableton Live Set Programming





Custom Ableton Live Set Programming

Need an Ableton Live Set built quick? Want to have freedom and flexibility using tracks, but don’t have the time to build your yourself? With Live Set Builder, you can upload your songs and receive a custom built Live Set within 48 hours. Your Live set will be built with Industry leading features and flexibility.

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Each Live Set includes:

-A compressed Live Set (.als) that includes all your stems in Live 10 or Live 11.

-All your songs formatted consistently and properly

-All songs formatted for stability and freedom and flexibility

-All songs grouped and color coded for easy accessibility

-Audio tracks pre-routed and grouped for easy setup on stage

Formatting includes:

-All songs warped and sync’d to Live’s Grid

-Foundations for Live MIDI click that is in time and matches your arrangement

-Time Signatures changes to match the arrangement of your song

-Tempo Tracks to keep your songs at the correct tempo, even with tempo changes

-Locators for every song section

-Markers track that matches every song section

-Guide Cue Player that matches each song section with a vocal cue

How it Works

1.Choose How Many Songs are in your Set and Purchase

Use the quantity option to choose how many songs are in your set and complete your purchase.

2. Upload your Songs

After your purchase, you’ll get a link you can upload your songs. Songs must include a click track that plays in time with your uploaded content for each song.

3.Your Uploads and Order will be reviewed within 24 hours of purchase

Once your files and order have been received, we’ll review your uploads and make sure everything looks good. You’ll get an email confirmation that we have all we need, or we’ll reach out for clarification before we start building your set. 

4.Your Set is Built and Delivered within 48 hours of purchase

Within 48 hours of your purchase, you’ll get a dropbox link to your set with your formatted songs, ready for live performance.


-We will not create, produce, or record stems/multitracks, or content for you. You must provide stems/multitracks, or pre-recorded content for us to use to  build your set.

-Your files must contain an audio click track that plays perfectly in time with your stems. If your content does not contain this file, we will contact you during the review process and let you know the cost to proceed or offer to refund your money.

-We will provide a finished set with all your songs loaded into an Ableton Live Set. You can customize transitions and edit arrangements from the set we provide. We cannot provide ongoing, general Ableton Live support, beyond making sure you can load and open the Ableton Live Set.

Additional information

Required Software

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Please use quantity to select the number of songs in your set.