01-RTFM: Why Reading the Manual Is the Key to Your Success

Want to learn a piece of gear quickly, or learn how to quickly solve problems? Read the Manual. RTFM…it’s the key to your success as a Playback Tech.

Welcome back to Behind the Space Bar (formerly known as the From Studio to Stage podcast). It’s been over a year, but I’m back for good. New episodes, every Monday at 10AM CT. 

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    1. Thanks for dropping by Bill! I’m with you. I am an RTFM guy, but video does serve a great purpose. That practice of reading the manual does change you and shape you I think, so I’m trying to do more and more of it!
      Thanks Bill.


  1. I have fought with switching over to ableton for about 5yrs, I am a yahama motif guy and so therefore I have always been a cubase guy. I have spent hundreds of dollars keeping up with the latest versions of Cubase….anyways I have drank the juice and now I am coming over to ableton. With all of that said I am going to binge watch all of these video podcasts and try and get up to speed in the next 30-60 days. I love the reminder to read the manual, honestly it makes perfect sense. I think my main issue with reading the manual is I don’t understand the language most of the time so I get lost even trying to read the manual. Thanks for all you do Will, I know you receive some compensation but the fact that you are consistent sets you apart from the rest of the pack