A 2-day, Ableton Live intensive, to enhance your live show,
expand your skill set, and help you get and keep the gig.

March 27th and 28th 2020, 10-4 PM CT
Your Home via Zoom

Know you're doing it right | Grow your skill set | Apply your knowledge

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Wish there was a better way?

What you'll learn...

Gain Hands on Experience

Formatting songs, building a set, and using tracks on stage

Connecting and Controlling
Hardware and Software
with Ableton Live

Creating a Connected Stage with a MIDI Network

What makes Playback Academy Different?

This is not a lecture or passive class.

Playback Academy is a 2-day, hands-on workshop, focused on using Ableton Live on stage.

Immediately apply what you learn during the workshop with the on-site gear.

Get immediate feedback and coaching to ensure you’re doing it right.

Get years worth of experience, in only 2 days.

Playback Academy is for

...And anyone who wants to learn to
use Ableton Live on stage.

About Will

Will Doggett is a musician, sound designer, and Ableton Live Certified Trainer. He is focused on helping people get from the studio to the stage and has spent years using Ableton Live with bands on stage. His focus has been on how to integrate Live with a band for backing tracks, keys sounds, and controlling lights, lyrics and video.

He’s been teaching others how to integrate Ableton into their setups since 2008 and has served as a Music Director, Creative Director and the Director of the Production Track at Ocean’s Edge School of Worship. He’s passionate about making complex things simple, and showing musicians how to integrate Live into their workflows

"The power that they can give a small church, like ours, to be able to leverage technology to have such an incredible moment, week after week, is incredible"

Keegan Sidhu

"I've worked with Ableton Live for years, but no matter how well you think you know the program...there are tons of things to learn"

Shaun Pezant

“I was building my set, and Will was right behind me as I was creating the set, dragging files, warping audio, and Will was giving me tips on how to speed up my production and my workflow.”

Jon Manuel


Your Home/Office via a Zoom Session


*only 8 tickets available

All Access

$ 999
Per Person
  • 1 Pass to Playback Academy
  • Attend Virtually via Zoom
  • Access to Recording of all Sessions

All Access +

$ 1099
Per Person
  • One on One Call with Will (after event)
  • 1 Pass to Playback Academy
  • Attend Virtually Zia Zoom
  • Access to Recording of all Sessions