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A proven, step-by-step process to mastering Ableton, running tracks, and sounding better on stage.

  • Even if…you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.
  • Even if…you’re afraid it takes too much time.
  • Even if…you think running tracks will restrict your freedom and flexibility

What You'll Get

Access to 300+ Lessons, Courses, and Webinars

24/7, on-demand access to over 300 lessons across 50+ courses, tutorials, and webinars. 

$10,000 value

New Patches, Templates, Presets Every Month

Subscribers get credits every month to download pro-level patches, templates, and presets. Plus, earn more credits as you make progress and engage with the community.

$200 value

An Engaging, Student-Only Community

Chat with like-minded Ableton users across the world.

$300 value

Live, Monthly Video Call Just for Students

Each month, join other From Studio to Stage students on a monthly, interactive video call. Ask Will questions, learn from others in the community, and hang out with your fellow students.

$500 value


Plus...These Exclusive Bonuses (only available with this offer)

The Secrets of Pro-Level Playback Rigs

Learn the secrets that the pros use to keep their rigs running perfectly, and never miss a beat on stage.

$200 value

File Management Pro Tips

Yeah, I know…it doesn’t sound fun, but trust me…this will allow you to work quickly, and never wonder…”which set was that arrangement of the song in”. 

$200 value

What the Pros are Saying

What From Studio to Stage Students are Saying:

“I found From Studio to Stage on day four of ten days off in between tour dates. At the end of the first day I completely rebuilt our 90 minute set and included a ton of patch change and effects automations for our keyboard rigs and playback. I was able to completely minimize my time at the computer and maximize my time at the front of stage and focus on delivering a great show. “
Eston Ravey
" I've been loving the information/lessons/courses! I am a fairly new playback tech in the industry and I’ve been a drum tech for many years. I joined From Studio to Stage and dove in head first. I learned how to run a playback rig and it has increased my work schedule over the last few years. Thanks again! I will be recommending this site to many of my colleagues."
Mike Perkinpine
Drum Tech, Playback Tech
"From Studio to Stage is a real help for me. I’m really learning a lot to use on stage. Where other sites stop your site begins and really explains how to get there. Thanks!"
"Your Ableton courses have leveled me up so much quicker than I ever could have by myself. As the Music Director at a church of a few thousand people the expectations are high, and having you and your courses as a resource have been a huge blessing."
Music Director
“From Studio to Stage not only provides step-by-step training for the fundamentals of implementing Ableton Live, but it also inspires you with new ideas that you never would have even thought of.”
Worship Leader
"Will has helped me unlock the full potential of Ableton Live. His teaching is deep and yet still accessible. Learning a DAW like Ableton Live well is like adding colors and brushes to an artist's palette. I feel like I'm able to express myself musically even better. Simultaneously, I now know how to set up a live rig in the most stable and efficient way. Thanks, Will, for helping us take our worship to the next level!"
Bill Whitt
Worship Leader
"From Studio to Stage is a all Expenses paid trip through the journey of using Ableton Live, from small and easy use to power house multi system gigs, Wills got you covered!"
Jacob Lampley
Worship Leader
"Worthwhile and worth the cost. I’ve learned so much."
Ben Essells
Worship Leader
"From Studio to Stage is a treasure trove of knowledge that will benefit everyone from the beginner to the most seasoned Ableton user.”
Joey Porter
"From Studio To Stage has really taken my Ableton knowledge up a notch. It has enabled me to use Ableton less as a crutch and more as another instrument on stage. It's allowed my team to be incredibly tight, but also improve their musicianship. It has allowed our production to go up a few notches, from standardizing lyrics and now to setting lights. All in all, this subscription has had a great impact on our team and church."
Raul Gonzalez
Worship Leader
"I decided to start using Ableton for more than just tracks and clicks and sought help. When I came upon From Studio to Stage I realized just how much I could actually do. Then I dove head first into things I’d never thought possible. Now my volunteer drummers, keys players, and bassists are stoked to have more in their hands with little to no extra effort and I’m doing stuff on keys that is blowing my own mind!"
David Noble
MD & Worship Leader
"Wills knowledge has allowed me to simplify procedures for my creative and tech art ministry volunteers. The subjects covered help our worship sets to be less distracting and serve the purpose of leading congregants to worship freely."
Jon McCord
Worship Leader
"From Studio to Stage has been instrumental in my ableton training. Not only has it made possible knowledgeably firing tracks, it has done so in a way that freedom in worship is achieved. The quality of our worship services is so much better because of it and I definitely feel way more equipped to troubleshoot any problems that arise. Amazing comprehensive place to learn ableton at your own pace."
Jamie Temperley
"I learned from Will well before From Studio to Stage began. It has rounded up all that learning into one place and goes into even greater detail. I owe the vast majority of my Ableton knowledge to his teaching."
Jeremy Ownby
Worship Leader
"I was stuck at my church with no volunteers or people who could help so I decided to start automating everything together so now every week I’m able to run everything together with no issues. It’s been a life changer and as I am starting to develop a volunteer base they are able to take over some of the automations."
Jesse Munoz
Worship Leader

Ready to join your fellow Ableton Live users already in the community?


About Will

Will Doggett is a musician, sound designer, and Ableton Live Certified Trainer. After years of using Ableton Live with bands, Will now focuses on helping people get from the studio to the stage. His expertise includes integrating Live with a band for backing tracks, creating keys sounds, and controlling lights, lyrics, and video.

He’s been teaching others how to integrate Ableton into their setups since 2008, and he’s served as a Music Director, Creative Director, and Director of the Production Track at Ocean’s Edge School of Worship. He’s passionate about making complex things simple and showing musicians how to integrate Live into their workflows.

Frequently Asked Questions

The way we’ve structured the site with 24/7 on-demand access, you can navigate the courses in whatever order you’d like — all at your own pace.

Most courses take less than an hour to complete and include downloads to help you learn and apply the material.

In other words, there is no preset schedule. Work through the courses when it’s most convenient for you.

You’re a perfect fit! We have pros who travel the world doing playback for major label artists and are From Studio to Stage members.

The unofficial motto of From Studio to Stage is, “Humbly Confident, Humbly Curious.” What do we mean by that? Land on a process and way of using Ableton Live that you’re confident in. If you’re not there yet, we’ll help you get there. But once you’re there, don’t believe you’ve solved all the problems and know all the answers. Always stay curious and wonder if there is a better way. 

Check out what Rob Sharp — a From Studio to Stage student who has been using Ableton Live for over nine years — said about the site, 

“I’ve used Ableton Live for over 9 years and have experience with a lot of automation types, but From Studio to Stage has challenged me to rethink my approaches, inspired me in my own application, and even changed my mind about how I plan to use it in the future. Full of great content that helps take the mystery out of Ableton Live.” 

Rob Sharp

No! The way we’ve structured the site, you can find content that meets you where you are as a beginner and allows you to slowly work up to more advanced concepts. 

Our Essentials path is a great place to start with basic, essential Ableton Live knowledge and will help you easily understand the program.

Because the courses are self-paced and available 24/7, you can take your time working through the material and find content relevant to whatever level you’re at.

Have questions? That’s what our community is for! Post a question in the community and get a response from like-minded Ableton Users across the world. 

Check out what Joey — one of our From Studio to Stage students — had to say: 

“From Studio to Stage is a treasure trove of knowledge that will benefit everyone from the beginner to the most seasoned Ableton user.”

Joey Porter

Instead of a course that you have to complete by a specific time, you can work at your own pace. This flexibility is one of the unique benefits of From Studio to Stage. We have students who go deep with courses and students who use the site as a quick reference for solving problems. 

Because the lessons are on-demand and available 24/7, you don’t have to worry about timezones, or your availability. The content is available when you’re available.

After you create an account, you have access to everything on the site immediately. If you’re not happy for any reason or feel like it’s not a good fit, you can cancel directly from your account page on the site — no need to email, call, or complete endless surveys. Cancel whenever you’d like. 

If you’re not happy with the site for any reason, we’ll give you your money back within 30-days of your signup. 

If you subscribe monthly, you can cancel at any time. There’s no requirement for a long-term commitment. When you’re ready to restart your subscription, we’ll be right here waiting for you.

For ever! Well for as long as you or I are alive. Pending no doomsday scenarios…I’m hoping for a while.

Lifetime Access is a limited time offer and we may remove this offer for sale at anytime. 

Don’t worry if you’ve already purchased LifeTime Access your in-for good… you’re stuck with me. 

If you’re considering doing it….do it. The offer may not be open the next time you come back. 


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