March 2020 Monthly Call

14:00:47 From Tim Jaycox : I’m working, so won’t be able to contribute much.

14:01:29 From Tim Jaycox : Thanks!

14:11:27 From Tim Jaycox :

14:11:48 From Tim Jaycox : If you all are interested in what my company is doing this weekend.

14:14:34 From Eston Ravey : Great thanks Tim

14:15:07 From Will Doggett :

14:15:08 From Diego Arango : hi the question is can i use ableton live 10 live to sing with effects with audio 4 and play 12 to play at the same time.

14:16:49 From Eston Ravey : Diego—Yessir. Set up an aggregate with both interfaces to use the inputs on the 4+ and the outputs on PA12

14:20:26 From Diego Arango : thanks

14:20:29 From Diego Arango : I don’t speak English, I don’t understand very well.  what happens with latency and that everything is sent from a single program

14:22:57 From Eston Ravey : Diego – latency will be dependent on your hardware setup and FX professor load

14:22:58 From Eston Ravey :

14:26:03 From Will Doggett :

14:26:20 From JD Youngblood : lol

14:26:57 From Diego Arango : gracias

14:27:44 From Lloyd Puckitt : Sorry, I wasn’t prepared with a mic setup.

14:27:54 From Will Doggett :

14:28:55 From Will Doggett :

14:29:54 From Will Doggett :

14:30:56 From Will Doggett : FS2S2020

14:34:49 From Will Doggett :

14:35:24 From Jeremiah Roby : Is it possible to use Slate Trigger in a track in Ableton to send a trigger snare sound too FOH?

14:37:09 From Will Doggett :

14:41:51 From Will Doggett :

14:47:07 From Lloyd Puckitt : Bomebox is awesome.

14:48:07 From Will Doggett :

14:48:17 From Will Doggett :

14:48:43 From Will Doggett :

14:50:45 From Will Doggett :

14:51:49 From Will Doggett :

14:55:53 From Rob Sharp : Are you choosing initiator?

14:57:24 From Will Doggett :

15:00:23 From Rob Sharp : How do you convince IT guys to leave MIDI system un networked? No POE, non managed , none Green and can address the value or dilemmas to using static IP in mioX series.

15:00:50 From JD Youngblood : that’s a great ? Rob haha

15:00:52 From Will Doggett :

15:00:59 From Will Doggett :

15:01:11 From Eston Ravey : Rob – we call have to become those guys lol

15:01:51 From Lloyd Puckitt : A Pre Roll issue?

15:03:50 From Lloyd Puckitt : BRB

15:04:24 From Tim Jaycox : I’m going to need to take off, will these links be emailed with the video content as well?

15:04:37 From Tim Jaycox : Awesome thanks all!

15:04:41 From JD Youngblood : bye tim

15:06:48 From Lloyd Puckitt : Numerically?

15:11:38 From Lloyd Puckitt : Yes, I use a combination of static, DHCP static, and a small DHCP pool. Static is important to me in a time crunch to connect to a management interface to fix or monitor an issue.

15:14:05 From Will Doggett :

15:23:58 From Lloyd Puckitt : Good info

15:25:05 From JD Youngblood : g2g. see y’all! Eston ill facebook message you later

15:35:24 From Lloyd Puckitt : Thanks for everything!


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