February 2020 Monthly Call

14:05:08 From Will Doggett : https://fromstudiotostage.com/presets/presets-beta/
14:06:09 From Will Doggett : https://fromstudiotostage.com/community/
14:09:40 From Russell Newton : hahaha!
14:12:38 From Will Doggett : https://fromstudiotostage.com/playback-academy/
14:14:04 From John Logan : that would be awesome if only I lived closer
14:15:20 From Will Doggett : FS2S2020
14:17:05 From John Logan : I live in Georgia
14:17:28 From Rob Sharp : Right
14:27:01 From John Logan : BRB
14:30:23 From Will Doggett : https://fromstudiotostage.com/courses/9-repeat/
14:30:30 From Will Doggett : https://fromstudiotostage.com/courses/11-preprogramming-a-looping-song-section/
14:40:05 From Eston Ravey : Quick add on and question to that explanation..
14:47:51 From Will Doggett : https://www.audinate.com/products/devices/dante-avio
14:48:19 From Will Doggett : https://fromstudiotostage.com/courses/using-dante-with-ableton-live/ <—want to learn more about Dante check out this course
14:52:06 From Will Doggett : https://fromstudiotostage.com/discounts/
14:57:01 From Eston Ravey : just made a Mac keyboard shortcut to add time signature changes specific to ableton / hotkey for time signature change
14:58:06 From Will Doggett : https://fromstudiotostage.com/tutorials/creating-custom-keyboard-shortcuts/
14:58:57 From Will Doggett : https://fromstudiotostage.com/tutorials/creating-custom-keyboard-shortcuts/
15:04:58 From Will Doggett : https://www.disasterareaamps.com/shop/dmc-6-gen3
15:05:21 From Will Doggett : https://loopcommunity.com/en-us/looptimus
15:06:08 From Will Doggett : https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SamplePadPro--alesis-samplepad-pro-percussion-pad
15:06:22 From Rob Sharp: Alesis Sample 4 is good got a simple controller
15:06:45 From Will Doggett : https://www.akaipro.com/mpx-8
15:07:29 From Will Doggett : https://www.presonus.com/products/atom
15:08:38 From Aaron Carter : at work. cant talk. new to Ableton and you've been a lot of help. my question. 1. I think I am having trouble saving correctly. specifically what doesn't seem to be saving is my IAC driver commands. If I save correctly, should those aic commands save?
15:09:02 From Jacob Lampley : Morning star MC8.
15:09:22 From Will Doggett : https://www.morningstarfx.com/mc8-midi-controller
15:09:45 From Will Doggett : https://www.akaipro.com/mpd218
15:13:33 From Will Doggett : https://singularsound.com/product/midi-maestro/
15:16:56 From Brenden Heaton : Have to run. Thank you all for the help! :)
15:17:11 From Rob Sharp : What’s the best way to deal with warping tempo in a set that songs have already been tempo track locked?
15:18:03 From John Logan : I have a Yamaha MO6 synth. It has some great sounds including an arpeggiator. Normally I just record directly from MO into interface , into Ableton as an audio track. No problems. I know there has to be a way I can have my favorite MO sounds in the Ableton browser so I can just drag it right into a track. I have listened to so many of your lessons I feel like I know you personally. (Ha-ha)
15:18:42 From Will Doggett : https://fromstudiotostage.com/courses/3-part-framework-for-using-tracks/
15:19:13 From Will Doggett : https://fromstudiotostage.com/courses/using-ableton-live-for-tracks/
15:25:04 From Eston Ravey : Just curious, with all stems warped whats ableton cpu meter at for you & what processor does your Mac have?
15:29:26 From Will Doggett : https://fromstudiotostage.com/courses/warping-understanding-how-live-treats-audio/
15:33:47 From Eston Ravey : https://www.snoize.com/MIDIMonitor/
15:35:16 From Eston Ravey : Also possibly skip the midi implementation hunting by changing programs on the hardware while connected via MIDI to computer with MIDIMonitor opened. It’ll show you the MSB LSB and PC :)
15:38:49 From Jacob Lampley : Thank you!

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