13:29:15 From Eston Ravey : How’s it going fellow nerds! Hope y’all are safe
13:29:57 From Oscar Fuentes : Peace, bro!
13:30:39 From Tim Jaycox : I’ll be joining in a few min
13:40:41 From Eston Ravey : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2UzvxHZNUyLbXLopZyF5IhOelyH8hFoP
13:40:47 From Eston Ravey : Dante Level 3 playlist on youtube
14:03:10 From Will Doggett : https://www.sweetwater.com/insync/what-to-do-when-things-go-wrong/
14:04:28 From Will Doggett : https://fromstudiotostage.transistor.fm/s1/5
14:07:00 From Eston Ravey : Russel just curious, what’s the year of your machines and which OS’s are you running?
14:08:31 From Douglas Lawes : it happens after 45 minutes or so?
14:12:35 From Douglas Lawes : what gear are you using?
14:13:15 From Douglas Lawes : love the UAD autotune
14:16:45 From Will Doggett : https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ProMS2–radial-proms2-passive-microphone-splitter
14:17:29 From Douglas Lawes : we just change the X32 scene – literally called O crap 😅
14:18:21 From Lloyd Puckitt : Also, if the effects are all side chain, latency won’t even be noticed.
14:29:49 From Will Doggett : https://videosync.showsync.com
14:32:15 From Tanner Spaulding : I have to run.  Thanks for the input on my questions and hope to see you all soon!
14:47:28 From Lloyd Puckitt : I use text to speech online.
14:59:08 From Eston Ravey : Thanks ya’ll, gotta run take care stay safe
15:10:55 From Lloyd Puckitt : Cool name
15:11:35 From Will Doggett : http://fromstudiotostage.com/podcast/