Quickly learn the
essentials of Ableton Live

Courses designed to help you
quickly learn the essentials of Ableton Live

File Management for Live Performance

In this course, you’ll learn how to properly manage songs and sets for live performance. From properly saving and sharing live files, to using a 3 part strategy for managing files across drives, you’ll gain the knowledge to manage your files in a way that is accesible and efficient.

Navigating and Understanding Live

In this course, you’ll get a roadmap of Live’s interface and get a basic understanding of every feature of Live’s interface.

Warping-Understanding How Live Treats Audio

In this course you’ll learn how Live treats audio, why warping is important and how to warp single audio files and stems in Live.

Getting Started with Live 10.1

Learn how to quickly master the new features of Live 10.1. From new devices, automation improvements, and workflow enhancements, you’ll work faster and stay in the moment while making music.

Audio routing for live performance

Learn how to route audio in Ableton Live. While the concepts apply for many uses, our primary goal is understanding audio routing, for Live performance.

Controlling Ableton Live

Learn how to control Ableton Live via your computer keyboard and a MIDI controller. Learn when to use each type of mapping, how to map to features of Live, and how to go deep with mappings to control Live for live performance.