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The next one will include the actual template to download and your first lesson. You’ll get a recap of what’s in the template, and then we’ll dive right into the 3-part framework — what it is, why I teach it, and why the template is structured the way it is.

After that, you’ll get one email from me each day for the next 5 days with a new lesson.

Your template is already headed your way, but you can also grab it here ⤵️

Want To Fast Track Your Ableton Skills? Keep Reading

This free template is the perfect starting point for running tracks in Ableton using my 3-part framework. You’ll get everything you need to quickly format your songs and build sets. But it just scratches the surface of what’s possible in Ableton.

If you want to deep dive into Ableton and start leveling up your skills as fast as possible, you can start by going through the content in the email course right now by watching these videos.

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I’m also going to give you a special, one-time offer for my Basic Tracks Template & Tracks 201 Course (a total value of $350) to help you take your next step with Ableton Live.

Here’s a breakdown of what you get.

The Basic Tracks Template includes:

  • Everything in the Free Tracks Template
  • Foundations for Live 3.0
  • Guide Cue Player
  • Tempo Track
  • Markers Track

In the Tracks 201 Course, you’ll learn:

  • A refresher on everything you learned in the email course for the Free Tracks Template
  • More in-depth lessons on warping stems
  • Working with songs that have tempo changes and time signature changes
  • How to use Foundations for Live
  • How to use the Markers Track
  • How to use the Guide Cue Player
  • How to build your set within the Basic Tracks Template
  • Best practices for transitions
  • Tips & tricks for navigating your set on stage
  • And a whole bunch more

You built the foundation for flexibility with tracks on stage using the Free Tracks Template, but this is where you’ll take it to the next level while still being able to efficiently build and navigate your set.

The standard price you’ll see on my site for this is $99.99.

But today, I’m offering it to you at the special, one-time rate of $74.99.

If you’re hungry to learn more about Ableton and how to run tracks in the most efficient, flexible way possible, don’t miss this opportunity. Get it now and fast-track your way to using Ableton like the pros.


PS. If you’re really ready to just plunge into the depths of all things Ableton, there are over 300+ lessons, courses, and on-demand webinars on my site — and I release a new course every single month! It’s all part of what you get when you become a From Studio to Stage paid subscriber.

Members also get:

  • New templates, patches, and presets every month
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