Subtle Textures Expansion
Category: Patches
Required Software: Ableton Live 10 Standard

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A bad soundcheck can ruin your show. One way to improve soundcheck and to keep it from dragging on is having a line check. A line check helps confirm inputs are where they’re supposed to be and helps soundcheck run smoothly. Save yourself the headache (more like backache) of standing over your computer during soundcheck and use this line check template for Live 10.


-Includes 5 subtle drone pad expansions for the Pad Player instrument
-Requires the Pad Player download in order to use.
-Infinite looping expressive pads (requires Pad Player).
-Easily add sounds to the Pad Player instrument.
-Transform Sounds in Realtime (requires Pad Player).
-Adjust Filter, Motion Time, Motion Amount in realtime (requires Pad Player).
-Instantly add 3rds, 5ths, and Octave to every Pad, in realtime (requires Pad Player).

Subtle Textures Volume 1

Category: Patches
Required Software: Ableton Live 10 Standard


5 subtle drone pads, that can provide the perfect background ambience for any moment. Easily load all 5 sounds into the Pad Player instrument (required) to expand your library of drone pads. Each pad loops infinitely, with low CPU usage and can morph in real-time (requires the Pad Player instrument).