Get started quickly with templates made for live performance.
PTZ Optics MIDI Cues

Automate your PTZ Optics cameras with Ableton Live.

FS2S TouchOSC Song Template

Control Ableton Live with this TouchOSC template.

Luminair Control Template

Control your lights in Luminair with Ableton Live.

Qlab MIDI Note Cues

Quickly control Qlab with Ableton Live.

Resolume MIDI Template

Cue up video clips in Resolume with this template.

MASSIVE Keys Template Live 9

Automate and pre-program your keys patches in Live 9.


Find great sounds for Ableton Live.
Final Word

A piano with enough ambience and compression to sustain for days.

Creator’s Piano

Piano capable of bright and poppy to warm and moody sounds.

Ballad Piano

A subtle and moody piano that’s perfect for all those emotional ballads.

Drone Pads

Infinite looping dynamic drone pads for Ableton Live.

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