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Category: Templates
Required Software: Ableton Live 10 Standard

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A bad soundcheck can ruin your show. One way to improve soundcheck and to keep it from dragging on is having a line check. A line check helps confirm inputs are where they’re supposed to be and helps soundcheck run smoothly. Save yourself the headache (more like backache) of standing over your computer during soundcheck and use this line check template for Live 10.


-Ableton Live template for formatting songs and building sets in arrangement view.
-Includes Foundations for Live 3.0. ($49.99 value)
-Includes Guide Cue Player. ($49.99 value)
-Includes a Temp Track.
-Includes a Markers Track.
-Includes lifetime access to our Tracks 201: Using Ableton Live for Tracks course. ($150 value)
-Easy and simple template to get started.

Basic Tracks Template

Category: Templates
Required Software: Ableton Live 10 Standard


Using tracks in Ableton Live doesn’t have to be difficult. And it should be easy to have freedom and flexibility. Using this template, you can quickly format all your songs and efficiently build sets in Live that are stable and flexible. Each download includes access to our Tracks 201 course with a full walkthrough of how to use this template to format your songs and build a set. If you’re looking for a way to use tracks in Ableton Live that is flexible and stable-and doesn’t take hours, this template is for you!