Get started quickly with templates made for live performance.
Advanced Arrangement View Template

Have complete freedom while running tracks efficiently.

Guide Cue Player

Keep your band on the same page with this guide cue player for Ableton Live.

Basic Tracks Template

Efficiently format songs and build sets that are flexible and stable with this template.

Tempo Track Template

Save your song’s tempo in arrangement view with this template.

Foundations 3.0

Multi-Sound, Sub-Dividable, Programmable Click Track for Ableton Live 10.

Planning Center Live Control Cues

Control Planning Center Live with Ableton Live.


Find great sounds for Ableton Live.
Whole Note Moody Piano

This piano patch makes simple chords come to life.

Piano Pad Combo

Everything you need in one patch.

Piano Drone

One note is all it takes with this piano drone.

Oscillating Piano

The perfect amount of ambience for lead lines and progressions.

Octave Piano

This EPIC octave piano is perfect for lead lines.

Life Change

A emotive piano, complimented by verb and delay.

Drone Pads

Infinite looping dynamic drone pads for Ableton Live.
Synth Textures Volume 1

5 bright, synthy drone pads that will cut through any mix.

Subtle Textures Volume 1

5 subtle drone pads, that provide perfect ambience for any moment.

Pad Player

Infinite looping dynamic drone pad player with realtime expression.