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In this course you’ll learn how Live treats audio, why warping is important and how to warp single audio files and stems in Live.


  • Understand Live’s worldview of audio and why that matters
  • Understand the common issues you face with audio in Live, and why they’re solved by understanding warping
  • Understand the basic building blocks of warping in Live
  • Understand the benefits of warping, and why the work is worth it
  • Understand the 4 ways audio responds in arrangement view and session view based on it’s warp settings
  • Understand the most important warp setting and why it should be disabled
  • Understand how to warp a single audio track
  • Understand the various warp modes and when to use them
  • Understand how to change the key and tempo of audio in Live
  • Understand how to warp stems and Multitracks
  • Understand how to warp audio with tempo changes
  • Understand how to warp files purchased from Multitracks
  • Understand how to transfer tempo between Ableton sets and save your tempo with your song
  • Understand how to solve the most common problems with warping
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