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In this course, you’ll learn how to run tracks in Ableton Live. While there are many different ways to run tracks in live, I’ll show you my exact method of running tracks that I’ve developed throughout the years. It allows for simplicity, it’s easy to manage, gives complete freedom and flexibility to repeat sections and best of all requires no plugins or hours of work to prep your files.


  • Learn how to prep your stems for live performance
  • Learn how to export stems out of Ableton Live
  • Learn how to create and export a custom click track out of Ableton Live
  • Understand how to create your own custom template for running tracks
  • Learn how to create a “tempo track” to save your tempo data with all our songs in Arrangement View
  • Learn how to create a “stop track” using the IAC driver to have Arrangement View stop at a specific spot in your arrangement
  • Learn how to create markers track, to save your song sections with every track in Arrangement View
  • Understand how to route audio in Ableton Live so that it saves with every song
  • Understand how to format every song exactly the same way, so you can build your sets-incredibly quickly
  • Learn how to make edits to your songs and save them to reference them in a later set
  • Understand how to deal with tempo and time signature changes in songs
  • Learn how to build a set in Arrangement View for complete and total freedom when running tracks
  • Understand how to save your MIDI mappings so that you can easily re-use them in each set
  • Learn basic tips and tricks for using tracks in rehearsal
  • Learn how to use tracks live and have the freedom to repeat sections

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