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In this course, you’ll learn how to use Ableton Live on stage as a keys player. We’ll focus on how to use Ableton with internal Ableton sounds, external plugins, and external keyboards. We’ll focus on using Live in the most CPU efficient way. You’ll learn how to create a setup that is easy to manage, maintain, and use in a live setting.


  • Understand the benefits of a virtual keys setup
  • Understand the concerns of using a virtual keys setup
  • Understand how to use native Ableton Live sounds and effects for keys in Live performance
  • Understand how to use external synths in Live
  • Understand Instrument Racks and how to make good use of macros, chains, and zones
  • Understand how to use the chain selector to create presets in an instrument rack
  • Learn how to create a MASSIVE keys template for live performance
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