LEGACY: Using AbleSet with Ableton Live

In this course, you'll learn how to setup and use the AbleSet app with Ableton Live.

Will · April 26, 2022
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Watch the new updated course for AbleSet 2: Using AbleSet 2 with Ableton Live

In this course, you’ll learn how to use the AbleSet app with Ableton Live. AbleSet is a setlist management app that works with Ableton Live Intro, Standard, or Suite and allows you to create and manage setlists in Ableton Live. You can also view and control your setlist on a separate device connected to the same network.

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  1. Hi Will… If using Ableset to control a redundant rig (via an iConnectivity PlayAudio12), would I be right in assuming you’d need to have this running on both A and B computers? Is there any issue or particular setup procedure required to make everything stay in sync beyond the standard MIDI mapping stuff? Many thanks.

    1. Tom great question, and leads me to believe I should do an update lesson to include this.
      Ableset has their own redundant solution, but I would personally prefer to :
      1) Load Ableset on both machines
      2) Use their MIDI mapping Max4 Live device to control both machines via MIDI
      3) Control Live using my MIDI controller

      This is consistent with a normal redundant rig setup except I”m controlling AbleSet not Ableton directly.

      Hope this helps!