Real-Time Vocal Processing with UAD and Ableton Live

Learn how to do real-time vocal processing and get complete control of vocal effects for your live performance using Ableton and Universal Audio devices. You’ll learn different approaches to signal flow, the basics of UA’s Console software, and how to automate your vocal processing with Ableton Live.

Will · December 17, 2022

About the Course

Time to complete: 2 1/2 hours

Do you want to trigger vocal effects for specific moments, certain song sections, or for entire songs? This requires real-time vocal processing. This course will teach you how to do that using a Universal Audio device and Ableton Live.

Quick note — this is not a course about actually creating great live vocals. There won’t be any deep dives on EQ, delay, reverb, auto-tune, etc. This will teach you how to set up and configure your rig, how to program and run auto-tune on your UAD with Console, and how to automate it with Ableton Live.

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Who This Course Is For

This course will apply to a few different people in various contexts:

  • Playback techs running auto-tune and/or all live vocal processing
  • Drummers or musicians running playback tech that get requests from the artist to add reverb, auto-tune, or other vocal effects
  • Solo & live looping artists whose whole setup is running everything to their interface and going straight to front-of-house

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