Course Progress


In this course, you’ll get a roadmap of Live’s interface and get a basic understanding of every feature of Live’s interface.


  • Understand how to navigate Live’s interface
  • Understand Session View
  • Understand Arrangement View
  • Understand when to use session and arrangement view
  • Understand the difference between clips and tracks and their relationship in live
  • Understand the grid in Live and how to customize it’s view
  • Understand the timeline in Live and understanding the relationship of clips to the timeline
  • Understand Global Quantization and why it’s the “secret sauce” of Live
  • Understand the tempo and time controls in Live
  • Understand the transport controls
  • Understand loop and punch in/out controls
  • Understand key and MIDI mapping controls
  • Understand locator and automation controls
  • Understand detail view
  • Understand clip view
  • Understand device view
  • Understand info view and why it’s the most important place in Ableton Live
  • Understand Live’s browser and how to use it to quickly work in Live
  • Understand the groove pool in Live
  • Understand Live’s preference pane
  • Understand how to customize Live’s appearance, to optimize for live performance
  • Understand how to use Help view to quickly learn Ableton Live
  • Understand how to save and share Ableton Live files
  • Understand how to use Live’s file manager to find missing files
  • >