How to Use the Behringer WING with Ableton Live

Connect the WING and Ableton Live to get an integrated set up that gives you bi-directional automation possibilities.

Will · June 7, 2022

About the Course

Time to Complete: 2 hours

Learn how to connect the WING and Ableton Live to create a more connected stage experience that provides more freedom and control to both musicians and audio engineers.

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Who This Course is For

This course is for folks who are running tracks on stage with Ableton Live and using the Behringer WING as their audio console. If you don’t use the Behringer WING or Ableton Live, you’re welcome to waste a couple of hours of your time.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to connect the WING and Ableton Live (Audio and MIDI)
  • How to control the WING from Ableton Live
  • How to control Ableton Live from the WING

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Course Includes

  • 21 Lessons


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