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In this course, you’ll learn how to quickly master the new features of Live 10.1. From new devices, automation improvements, and workflow enhancements, you’ll work faster and stay in the moment while making music


  • How to sign up for early beta access for 10.1.
  • Understand how to use custom wave tables and samples in wave table.
  • Understand Channel EQ and how to quickly get access to it in recording projects.
  • Understand the new Delay effect and how to use each setting to create great delay effects in Live.
  • Understand how to apply the new Automation shapes to an envelope in Live.
  • Understand how to scale and shape automation envelopes.
  • Understand how to quickly change breakpoint values with the edit value menu.
  • Understand how to quickly navigate Arrangement view using new workflow enhancements.
  • Understand how to freeze side-chained tracks in Live.
  • Understand how to quickly render audio effects that use effects via return tracks.
  • Understand how to maintain a parameters value when mapping to a macro.
  • Understand how to enable support for VST 3s and how New enhancements can speed up your plugin workflow in Live.
  • Understand new keyboard shortcuts in Live and how to use them to speed up your workflow.
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