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In this course you’ll learn how to create the sounds you hear in your head, in Ableton Live 10. We’ll discuss important settings, effects and techniques to create incredible sounds in Ableton Live 10. (As a side note-sorry for the formality of the intro bit here! I shared this course with a friend of mine to use on his platform as a promo, and I needed an intro, so I decided to keep it for this course as well).


  • Understand the key principles of creating great sounds in Ableton Live.
  • Understand the basics of Instrument Racks
  • Understand how to create great bass sounds
  • Understand how to create great pad sounds
  • Understand how to create great lead sounds
  • Understand how to create great rhythmic synth sounds in Ableton Live
  • Learn 3 tips for growing in your sound design ability


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Will Doggett

Will Doggett

I have a passion for helping artists and bands tell their story on stage with technology. I believe that the technology should disappear and get out of the way of creating music. You shouldn't feel restricted when you're using technology on stage, and I believe it shouldn't be difficult.

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