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In this course, you’ll learn how to control Vista from Ableton Live. Wheter you’re using a Jands console, or simply running Vista 3 on a laptop, we’ll discuss the various ways you can control Vista from Live. We’ll discuss how to connect Ableton to Vista to control it 4 different ways, and we’ll discuss when to choose each type for ultimate control of your lighting in Vista.


  • Understand how to connect two machines running Ableton Live and Vista
  • Understand how to connect Ableton and a Jand’s console to control Jands via LTC.
  • Understand how to use MIDI Notes to control Vista.
  • Understand how to use MIDI Time Code to control Vista.
  • Understand how to use MIDI Show Control to control Vista.
  • Understand how to use LTC to control Vista, when using a Jand’s console.
  • Understand how and when to use each control type.
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    Will Doggett

    Will Doggett

    I have a passion for helping artists and bands tell their story on stage with technology. I believe that the technology should disappear and get out of the way of creating music. You shouldn't feel restricted when you're using technology on stage, and I believe it shouldn't be difficult.