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In this course, you’ll learn how to control Qlab with Ableton Live. You’ll learn how to use MIDI notes from our Qlab Cues template to assign to cues in Qlab and to trigger video effortlessly in Ableton Live.


  • Understand how to connect two machines running Ableton Live and Qlab
  • Understand how to setup your cue template in Qlab to save time in making cues.
  • Understand how to assign MIDI notes to cues in Qlab.
  • Understand how to add fade in/out cues to video in Qlab and how to MIDI map them in Ableton Live.
  • Understand how to manage controlling Qlab with MIDI in each set.
  • Playback Academy

    A 2-day, Ableton Live intensive, to enhance your live show, expand your skill set, and help you
    get and keep the gig.

    November 8 & 9 2019
    Austin Texas