Why Your Audio Clips Change Length in Ableton Live

Did your clips change length when you dragged audio into Ableton Live? Here’s why and what you need to do to about it.

It all has to do with warping. You probably don’t want tracks to automatically warp when you’re producing music, but when you’re building a set for a live environment, this can be really useful to make sure everything stays on the click.

What’s in this video:

-Why clips appear to change length
-Where to adjust auto warping settings
-Warping modes
-Short vs. long samples warping

0:00 Why is Audio Changing Length in Ableton Live
0:14 What Happens When You Change the Tempo in Ableton Live (Warping)
0:45 Why You Need to Change Setting for Auto Warp Long Samples
2:05 Why Your Clip’s Tempo isn’t Changing When Unwarped
3:26 Have Your Clip Change Tempo with Live’s Tempo
5:04 How Warp Works with Long vs Shorter Samples
5:54 Your Decision: Keep Original Tempo (Unwarped) vs Change Tempo (Warped)
6:09 Consider Subscribing to Learn More About Ableton Live

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