Why You Shouldn’t Use Click & Tracks Live

Click and tracks shouldn’t be universally used by anyone performing on stage. Here are 4 reasons you shouldn’t use them.

Every once in awhile, I get someone commenting about how “real musicians” don’t use click and tracks. I’ve spent plenty of time debunking that myth, but I will concede there are times when you shouldn’t use click and tracks live.

When is running click and tracks a bad idea?

  1. You’re performing by yourself
  2. The context isn’t right
  3. You don’t want to
  4. You’re not ready

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PS. What do you think? When should musicians not use click & tracks? When should they? Leave a comment to let me know what you think!

0:00 Behind the Space Bar: Why You Shouldn’t Use Click & Tracks Live!
0:35 Why I Created Behind the Space Bar
1:05 I Don’t Think You Should Use Click and Tracks: Importance of Context
2:53 Reason #1: If You’re Performing by Yourself
6:02 Reason #2: The Context Doesn’t Fit (Scenario Example)
7:38 Another Example Where the Context Doesn’t Fit
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10:05 Reason #3: Don’t Use Click & Tracks if You Don’t Want To
12:01 Don’t Use Click & Tracks Just Because Others Do
13:01 Reason #4: If You Are Not Ready Yet
14:59 I Highly Encourage You to Play with Click
16:41 Go to fromstudiotostage.com/click to Practice with Clicks
17:10 Subscribe and thank you for watching!

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