Why The Music Industry Should Be More Like a Community, Not a Competition

I used to see other people in my industry as a threat. And it turned me into a bit of a jerk.

But I eventually flipped the script and became a champion of others rather than just viewing them as the competition. I guess I’m still a jerk, but I’ve made a lot of progress (yep, it really was that bad).

So to build on this, I’m focusing on community over competition in 2023. And I’ve distilled my experience into 5 tips to help you stop seeing other people as the competition and start celebrating them as part of your community.

Got some of your own advice on this topic? Drop a comment to share it with us!

0:00 Why I’m Valuing Community Over Competition in 2023

0:09 Behind the Space Bar: What Led Me to Choosing Community Over Competition

2:17 5 Reasons to Value Community Over Competition

2:27 Reason 1: You Can’t Possibly / Physically Do EVERY Job

4:24 Reason 2: The Best / Most Skilled People I Know Are Open-handed

8:51 Reason 3: Community Inspires Learning

10:43 Reason 4: Community Makes You Better

13:47 Reason 5: Competition Makes the Community Better and Vice Versa

14:40 My Goal for 2023 is Community Over Competition – Share your goals below!

15:31 Wrap Up: Leave a Review, Share and Subscribe for More!

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