Where Can You Buy Ableton Live?

Where do you buy Ableton Live? If you checked out Sweetwater, Guitar Center, or Amazon…it’s no longer available! Here’s where you can buy Ableton Live.

The short answer: directly from Ableton Live.

Here’s what else I cover in this video:

-Why Live is only available directly from Ableton
-Benefits of purchasing directly from Ableton
-Ableton’s amazing customer support team
-How buying directly from Ableton supports the Ableton content creator community

Purchase Ableton Live here 👇

Purchase Ableton: https://fs2s.link/ableton

Purchase Ableton EDU: https://fs2s.link/edu

Purchase Ableton Push: https://fs2s.link/push

0:00 Where can you buy Ableton?
0:15 What does it mean if you don’t find Ableton Live available online?
0:54 Why You Can Only Purchase Directly from Ableton Live
2:24 Great Benefits of Purchasing Directly from Ableton Live
4:14 Ableton’s Customer Support Team is Incredible
4:42 Purchasing Through Ableton Supports Helpful Content Creators Like Me
5:35 Purchase Ableton Live Through Link in the Description
6:04 Buy Ableton and Subscribe to Learn How to Use It

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