What’s Wrong With Using Ableton to Run In-Ear Monitors?

Sometimes what seems like the simplest solution is actually the worst.

If you’re using your computer to run in-ears, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. I’m as much an advocate for using computers on-stage as anyone, but this is one thing that you shouldn’t use your computer for.

I’ve got 8 reasons why and what you should do instead.

P.S. What do you use to run in-ears?

0:00 – Intro

1:32 – Reason Why we shouldn’t use our Computer for In-Ears

4:05 – The Latency

7:15 – Routing every Input to your Interface

9:16 – Using EQ/Effects for the In-ears

10:32 – High Buffer on Computer

12:01 – The Concept of Division of Labor

15:11 – Alternative of using Computer for In-ears

17:38 – Free Courses & Templates on From Studio to Stage

17:53 – Subscribe to the Channel

18:35 – Outro

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