Was My 2 Years Doing Broadcast Video Worth It? (10 Lessons)

I branched out from Ableton and live audio for two whole years to run a video broadcast. What I learned surprised me.

I never wanted to be a broadcast video guy, and honestly, I don’t know if I’ll do it again. But for 2 years, that was my job. And it was 100% worth it.

It made me a better Ableton trainer and playback tech, and it taught me some basic principles that I apply every day in what I do now.

0:00 Things I Learned as a Broadcast Video Director

0:11 Behind the Space Bar: My Experience as a Broadcast Video Director

5:43 Tip 1: It’s All Signal Flow

6:48 Tip 2: Building rigs / video systems are really, really fun!

8:09 Tip 3: It Was a Fun Combo of Technical / Creative

12:50 Tip 4: It Opened LOTS of Doors

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17:00 Tip 5: Building Modular and Redundant Systems

19:11 Tip 6: Learning More About Another Skillset is ALWAYS Beneficial

20:06 Tip 7: I Get Bored Easily

22:25 Tip 8a: Always Use a Videohub

24:49 Tip 8b: It’s Never the Videohub

25:29 Tip 9: Buy a Decimator

27:29 Tip 10: Avoid Hacks and Use What Works

29:27 Summary and Final Advice: Take the Difficult Path

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