Want a Career as a Playback Tech? 6 Tips to Get Started

These 6 tips will help you land (and keep) a gig as a playback tech.

  1. Start with another role — most playback techs are also guitarists, drummers, or guitar/drum techs that learn Ableton to help their band switch to in-ears and start learning tracks.
  2. The Little Mermaid Principle: be where the people are.
  3. Show up and genuinely serve.
  4. Be a “good hang.” If you want someone to invite you on a tour, being good at what you do is only half the job. Being pleasant to be around and spend time with will land you gigs and make people want to invite you back.
  5. Be so good that people can’t ignore you. If you’re fun to be around AND you absolutely crush your job, you’ll always be employed.
  6. Consider working for free (but don’t be taken advantage of!)

Alright playback techs out there! How did you get started and what helped you break into the industry? Anything you’d add or anything you disagree with? Comment below to let me know!

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